Sibling Support Network, Inc.


Lynne Mack is the Founder and CEO/ President of Pennsylvania Sibling Support Network, Inc. 

Lynne Mack is the author of the book Create and Build your Organization. She is also the author of Tattooz currently on and Rebound, soon to be released on Smashwords. 

Lynne Mack is the Pennsylvania state co-director of Organizing for Action as well as the Philadelphia chapter lead. She is an advocate for people with disabilities and homelessness. 

She has a sister, Diona Mack who has  cerebral palsy who shares a home with Lynne. 

Lynne has spoken at many support groups and conferences over the years about being a sibling to someone who has an intellectual disability. Lynne has sat on sibling panels and spoken at conferences across the state of Pennsylvania. 

Lynne is a professional speaker who speaks on topics such as spirituality, disabilities, leadership and personal development.

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