Sibling Support Network, Inc.


About us

Our headquarters is in Philadelphia, PA. We operate with a host of volunteers who are committed to advocating for our brothers and sisters in the community. We travel throughout the state of Pennsylvania to present information to create awareness about the sibling movement.

As more and more siblings begin to step up into the role of primary caregiver as parents age, pass away or are no longer able to take on the responsibility of caring for their disabled children. Siblings are becoming the new voice of individuals with disabilities in the 21st century. 

Research shows that siblings will most likely be the longest familial relationship that a person with a disability with have in their lives. There is still much more work that needs to be done in order to create a world in which people with disabilities are accepted and valued as viable citizens.

It is our goal to educate the general public, politicians, families, law officials, and medical professionals about the needs and imminent responsibility. We all have to make sure that this population is not forgotten, mistreated or discarded. 

Pennslyvania Sibling Support Network, Inc. lend our services out to the community for many events, and assisting people one an individual basis. One of our annual events is supporting the runners at the Broad Street Run by passing out water at our water station on Broad and Pattison. Join us this year by registering with PSSN to work at our water station this upcoming May 2017. Complete the Contact US page and put in the subject area Broad Street Run. Someone will contact you to register you to volunteer with us at the Broad Street Run! 

who we Are

The Pennsylvania Sibling Support Network is working to help individuals with disabilities become integrated in the community. 

PSSN at Water Station Broad Street Run 2015